Building Fund

Building Fund

August 2017

Dear parishioners,

The peace of the risen Christ be with you!

The work on the roof and four parapets of the Church Bell Tower is complete! Your financial support to our parish has enabled us to accomplish this.

What’s next on our work list: (i) landing of the Bell Tower, (ii) roof over the Sacristy and the Cry Room, (iii) updating of fire alarm system in the Parish Center and Preschool.

Every cent we raise will be used specifically for our capital needs. Future works will include updating of church electrical wiring and lighting, installation of AC system in church, replacement of church flooring, re-plastering of church wall, updating of church bell mechanism, and re-doing of parking lot.

May God continue to bless our ef-forts in maintaining and promoting both spiritual and physical presence in the Victor and Farmington areas.

And may God bless you and your family.

Father Edison

  • If you missed the bulletin insert that has the information concerning our emergency projects, here is a copy: Building Fund for Emergency Projects.
  • For your contribution, you may donate online. Enter the amount of your contribution on the space designated for “Building Fund”. Thank you for your participation.

Building Fund Campaign

Goal: $220,000 88%