Parish Life

Jul 2016
From Deacon John

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I drove to Kansas City, then on to Denver, and then returned home via Cleveland.  We visited family and grandchildren. On the 19 hour trip to Kansas City, we listened to the Republican National Conventional… and actually drove by it while travelling through Cleveland. On the 9 hour trip from KC to Denver, it was the Democratic National Convention.  And finally, on the 21.5-hour trip from Denver to Cleveland, it was again the DNC. This trip taught me a few things… this country has......

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Jun 2016
From Kim

Check out the bulletin, bulletin boards, this website, our Facebook pages or call the office to find out all the fun things we have going on at St. Patrick’s.  And, if you have another great activity idea, please contact Kim at 924-7111 or and maybe we can make it happen together! Next up is the Gingerbread House Making on Saturday, December 3.  You have to rsvp though, so we can plan well!  The Girl Scouts are having a breakfast with Santa on Sunday, December 4 and the following week, you can breakfast with the Knights of......

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