Home Study Formation

At Saint Patrick’s Church we understand and promote the role of parents as primary teachers of the Catholic faith to their children. For this reason, we encourage spiritual formation of each child as occurring in the home and the parish. We also recognize that for some children, regular attendance of parish formation is not always the best option available. For this reason, our staff will work with families who wish to make the home the primary location for grade-appropriate formation lessons. This requires preparation and dedication on the part of the parent(s), and is usually best practiced in coordination with other families doing home study.

As with all our formation opportunities, the home-study program expects regular participation in Sunday Mass and involvement in family activities for the whole community and those specific to home-study families.

Register using the Faith Formation Registration Form 2018-19 (DOC) Faith Formation Registration Form 2018-19 (PDF)

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Anthony Klosterman: 585-924-2800, anthony.klosterman@dor.org