Adult Faith Formation

Ongoing Christian faith formation never ends. Why? Because God continues to call each disciple in a new way every day. And each day calls us to live our Christian faith in a new way, even presents us with new circumstances that invite us to look at our Christian faith in a new way and apply its beauty and light in the every day in a new way.

Here are a few things that are offered to adults in the parish for ongoing faith formation:

  1. Scripture Study. This is offered on certain Saturday mornings of the year, where we look at a book of the Bible. The group gathers at the Parish Library, from 9 AM until 11 AM.
  2. Year of Mercy Soup and Bread Suppers. Pope Francis has gifted the Church this year when we can focus on the many ways we could experience and live the mercy of God – both corporal and spiritual. The Soup and Bread Suppers are offered on the first Wednesday of the month where we share a simple dinner together. This is followed by witness talk on one corporal work of mercy and then, a spiritual work of mercy. We gather at the Parish center from 5:30 PM.