Prayer Request

The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.
– James 5:16, NAB

We strive be a community known for our prayer for one another. Prayer binds us and makes us strong as a community of Christian faith. We, too, welcome requests for prayer. There are different ways you can make your prayer request:

  • write you prayer request on the Book of Intentions found on a stand in front of the Risen Christ at the back of the church (look for the red votive candles)
  • personally ask another parishioner to pray for you, and/or
  • submit a prayer request by e-mail:

Parishioners of Saint Patrick’s are joined together in prayer daily, at 3 PM. We set our watches or phone to alarm at three in the afternoon. At 3 PM, we pray the Hail Mary, keeping in mind the parishioners and their intentions.