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Church Music Camp Registration

Join us this summer for Church Music Camp at St. Patrick’s where we nurture everyone’s God-given gift of music. All parishioners (and neighboring church parishioners) are invited to attend this camp, whether learning to sing for the first time or an experienced singer or instrumentalist. Taking place on July 17 through July 21 (2023) our camp is an opportunity to deepen our faith and understanding of the Holy Mass while creating music as a form of prayer: all while having fun with friends! One of our main goals is to enthuse young people to participate in Mass as singers and musicians and to culture an approach of praying when singing and making music.


At Church Music Camp, both singers and instrumentalists are invited to join us!...

Students in 1st grade through 12th grade are invited to join as singers. No singing or music reading experience needed. Children in 1st and 2nd grade should be comfortable with reading.

Students in 7th grade through 12th grade who play band and orchestra instruments (brass, woodwind, percussion, string, piano, and guitar) are invited to participate. Music will be made available weeks before the camp.


All are also encouraged to attend Vacation Bible School on the mornings of Church Music Camp. If unable to attend VBS in the morning, please arrive at 12:30 pm for Church Music Camp. The full week schedule is on the next page. Come join us!!

REGISTER BELOW and download informational PDF below (there is no cost to register and attend)

Church Music Camp Registration

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