Support Us

As each one has received a gift,
use it to serve one another
as good stewards of God’s varied grace.
– 1 Peter 4:10, NAB

As his disciples, Jesus has entrusted us his mission. In fact, we exist as the Church precisely to continue and to advance the mission of Jesus. We do so by being joyful and faithful witnesses of the Gospel to and for others. More, we do so by placing our God-given gifts at the service of God and neighbor, particularly those of our brothers and sisters in need.

There are various ways that each member can help our parish to carry out our mission effectively and timely by sharing their gift of treasure –

  1. Weekly Contributions during Offertory at Mass. Registered parishioners receive set of contribution envelopes to use for this purpose. Know that major source of income for our parish is your weekly contribution.
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer. In the digital age, some of our households feel that they are more efficient by choosing Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to make their regular contributions to the parish. You may sign-up online by following this link, and see “Sunday Collection” under Donation: EFT. If any question, please call Kim Reese at (585) 924-7111. EFT users, if you still receive the regular contribution envelopes, please call the Parish Office at (585) 924-7111.
  3. Second Collection. Every month, we have diocesan-mandated second collection. These are in place to give us opportunity to serve those in need, often those outside the diocese and even outside the country, e.g. emerging Catholic Church in the world, Saint Peter’s Pence, etc. The envelopes are provided at the entrances of the church.
  4. Catholic Ministries Appeal. We not only operate at a parish, we too serve at the diocesan level, e.g. Catholic Charities, Prison Ministries, etc. Every Fall, parishes throughout the diocese participate in the CMA to raise funds that will be needed to keep and grow diocesan ministries.
  5. Gifts and Bequests. Looking at obituaries, we find that people’s generosity extend even in death by asking family and friends to consider making contributions to specific charitable organizations. We ask parishioners to consider Saint Patrick’s Church as your charitable organization or one of them. Keep your parish in mind when you prepare your will. Often, it is with generous gifts and bequests that we are able to address capital improvements and major projects in the parish.

If any question on how you can support our parish, please call Rich O’Donnell at (585) 924-7111.