Child Watch Program

Child Watch Program

As a parish, we recognize the challenge that parents have when wanting to participate in the celebration of the Sunday Mass and, at the same time, taking care of toddlers at Mass. Through the Child Watch Program, we help parents have some quiet time and be able to actively participate at Mass, as well as to provide an place for toddlers that will enable them to gradually get used to being in church by being with other toddlers and doing appropriate activities – play and pray.

The Child Watch Program is offered at the 10:30 AM Sunday Mass. CASE-trained volunteers watch over our children during Mass time and offer them activities to play and to pray. The program takes place in the Preschool Wing – play rooms at the end of the hall.

Families can participate in two ways: (i) register your toddler in the program, and/or (ii) become part of the volunteers who watch over our children. Team members take turns – usually once a month, and are required to take the CASE Training program either online or in person.

Registration forms can be downloaded from the parish website and hard copies are found at the church entrances.

Contact person: Lori Cunliffe


Phone: (585) 924-2800