Parish Stewards

Parish Stewards



The Moores – Dave, Eva, Ruthie and Molly – have been attending St. Patrick’s Church since they purchased their home in Victor in 1994. Fr. George Wiant, the pastor at that time, was always welcoming and traded jokes with Dave frequently. No matter how hard Dave tried, with a smile, Fr. George would always respond, “Your jokes are just AWFUL!”

Eva grew up Catholic and, while Ruthie was baptized in Dave’s childhood Presbyterian Church in Bath. Eva and Dave have been dedicated to bringing their children up at St. Patrick’s. Dave’s faith and love of the Liturgy inspired him to go through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program in 2000 stating, “It was one of the most fulfilling decisions I’ve ever made.”

Cathy Archibald, Judy Finn, Scott Rutan, Lori Cunliffe and many others were influential and persuasive to the Moores with regards to joining multiple ministries. Dave recalls the day he signed on to teach Religious Education: Fr. Tim Niven made a pulpit announcement asking for teachers and to ask questions to Cathy Archibald. When he went to ask a few questions, Cathy unceremoniously dumped the syllabus and workbooks into Dave’s hands and said, “You start Tuesday! Welcome aboard!”

Eva and Dave have been involved in Marriage Preparation, FOCCUS Evaluations for Engaged Couples, Graded Religious Education, Children’s Liturgy, Vacation Bible School, RCIA, Confirmation Program, Bible Discussion Groups, Toddler’s Church, Child Watch, Coffee Hours , YPWC, NCYC, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, and many others. Their children, Ruthie and Molly, both went to Preschool at St. Patrick’s and have participated in the Choir, Christmas Plays, NCYC, YPWC, VBS, and are both active Lectors.

When asked why they became involved, Eva states, “I feel like the Church is my family and community. Without the Church, where would I be? We’ve all had hurts, family issues, even troubles in the Church, but we never left because family stays together no matter what. The Church has always been there for us when we needed them most. It’s our privilege and honor to serve God to help others as we have been helped. Serving and getting involved in our Church helps us grow in our faith and in keep our family close. We and stay connected to the people in in our community, and most importantly, to God! It is a great feeling to work and give something back to our wonderful parish. Our family loves this community of faith. We have learned and gained so much trust in God and the people we encounter every day here. Their words of wisdom, deep faith, trust and inspiration sure help us walk in faith! Words are not enough to thank God, the parishioners, staff and the priests, for keeping us in His care. From the bottom of my heart, “Thank you for helping us grow in faith and in love for 22 years! Thank you for helping bring our children Ruthie and Molly up in faith and love! Thank you for your guidance!”