A Blessed Lenten Season

Dear parishioners,

Peace be with you!

How is your Lent going so far? Mine has been slow going – I have been nursing a cold since Ash Wednesday. Anyway, I should not let this keep me distracted from spending this time for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. I should focus on my faith goal for this Lent. Know that I appreciate the prayers of those who offer them for me.

This weekend, we begin our Teachings Masses, and we focus on our attention on the first part of the Mass, that is, the Introductory Rites. Let us learn together what God is doing for us and how we respond to God. Let us pray that these Teaching Masses will prepare us for our celebration of Holy Thursday.

Next Wednesday will be our Parish Day of Penance. I will be in the Confessional for you, from 1 PM until 7 PM. If you cannot make it to this day, please know the sacrament is celebrated approximately an hour before each weekday and weekend Masses. Here are some great resources for you: the USCCB webpage on Penance, and the Forgiven Series on Formed.org (parish code: 3KRJJK).

2022-23 Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA). 257 households have raised 65% of our obligation. Consider making some of your almsgiving for the CMA. To donate online.

The Sunday Worship Aid.

For this Week’s Parish Bulletin.

See you in Church, People of God!

– Father Edison