Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Dear parishioners,

May this parish communication find you in a warm place on this very cold day.

Thanks be to God for the gift of the Gospel – it informs our lives and how we educate ourselves and our children. This week, we recognize the ministry of the Catholic Schools, and conclude the celebration at the weekend Masses.

This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month. Join us in our Eucharistic Devotion in church – opening with Mass at 9 am, followed by adoration, and concluding with benediction at 2:55 pm. See you at Mass or at any point during adoration.

On February 11-12, husbands and wives are invited to renew their marriage vows at Mass – in celebration of National Marriage Week.

Looking for something interesting to listen to during your commute during this month of love? Consider listening to this presentation of Saint Pope John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility. Parents and teens, you are invited to our parish presentation of JP II’s Theology of the Body – register now.

2022-23 Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA). 237 households have raised 61% of our obligation. You may donate online. New and additional contributions will help us make our goal. I truly appreciate your help.

The Sunday Worship Aid.

For this Week’s Parish Bulletin.

See you in Church, People of God!

– Father Edison