Thank, God, it’s Friday!

Thank, God, It’s Friday! 😁

Dear parishioners,

Peace be with you!

Families, thank you for participating in the Vacation Bible School and Music Camp last week. I would like to extend my gratitude to the adult and teen volunteers who helped make these events successful. Thank you, Donna, Meg, and Carl.

We are bringing back the Traveling Chalice and Pater Program. Many families participated before COVID. Let us pray for vocations in the Church. Parishioners may host a set for a week. Instructions come with the chalice and paten. You may find the sets by the votive candles. Remember to sign them out.

Families, remember to sign up for Parent-led Catechesis. To do so, please visit our parish website.

We are in the midst of the National Eucharistic Revival. Kindly take the time to read the second page of the bulletin for ways to participate in the celebration.

Stay cool! And for those traveling, be safe on the road.

See you in Church, People of God!

– Father Edison