Weekend Update

Thank, God, It’s Friday!

Dear parishioners,

The email photo bears the input from parishioners these past three weekends – solicited in relation to growing the Church! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thanks to the members of the Pastoral Council for staying in the Alcove after Mass to meet with you. The blue marks are the responses – action items. And with regards to the Precious Blood, we did not get the needed permission, but pray and keep praying for the granting of permission. Know, however, that although you may only receive the Body of Christ at Mass, you receive Jesus wholly and entirely. Let us promote and continue these conversations in the parish.

The Sunday Mass attendance is slowly growing. Thank you for your efforts to be faithful to the Sunday obligation, and to invite others to Sunday Mass. During the Sundays of Lent, leading to Holy Thursday, we will devote the homily to teaching about the Mass, and commentated part of the Mass. Details in next weekend’s bulletin insert. See you at Mass this weekend.

A group recently completed the Grieving with Great Hope Program, and the same group is starting a Bereavement Ministry in our parish. We plan on offering the group meeting in May and exploring a book study.

2022-23 Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA). 250 households have raised 63% of our obligation. Please donate online. New and additional contributions will help us make our goal. I truly appreciate your help.

The Sunday Worship Aid.

Take the time to read the Parish Bulletin.

See you in Church, People of God!

– Father Edison