Mid-week Update

A Blessed Day to All!

Dear parishioners,

A blessed Thursday to all!

To families who are heading out for summer vacation, be safe on your travels, have fun, and get rested. Wherever you are, prepare and participate in the celebration of the Mass on the Lord’s Day.

Last Tuesday evening, twelve parishioners gathered for dinner, and group viewing and discussion of The Chosen. The group decided to meet every two weeks to enjoy dessert, watch two episodes, and get into discussion and faith-sharing. Watch for updates in the bulletin. If you can make it, please join us.

Yesterday afternoon, I started with group RCIA sessions at the Ontario County jail. For those interested about jail ministry, the volunteers and I lead Inter-faith Rosary on Tuesday mornings, offer Communion Service on Sunday mornings, and conduct RCIA on Wednesday afternoons. If you can help in this wonderful ministry, please see me.

Next week, we have three Funeral Masses: on Monday for Julia Mincer, on Tuesday for Joseph Straub, and on Friday, for Tula Warchol. Pray for their eternal repose, and for comfort to their families. Thanks to the Funeral Liturgy Team and the Adult Choir for their generous help at these Masses.

This weekend, take note of the 10-page parish bulletin. We will use the additional space for Eucharistic Revival articles. Please support of bulletin and magazine advertisers – they help us get our bulletin, parish app, and this email service for free.

Thank you to parishioners who responded to the Stewardship Appeal to make up for the deficit in the Sunday collection. Your help is appreciated.

To end, let me share with you this powerful story of Rakhi McCormick… “It is Jesus, fully present in the Eucharist, who called me into the Church. As a young person, I had never felt like I fully belonged anywhere. This led me to try to “fit in,” often in ways that were unhealthy or destructive in hindsight. After longing fruitlessly and ending up in situations that left me wondering why God had created me at all, I began searching for answers…”  Continue reading

See you in Church, People of God!

– Father Edison