Midweek Updates

Eucharistic Revival – Year of the Parish

Dear parishioners,

We have a rainy Wednesday. The trees and grass look happy, and so too the vegetables, herbs, and flowers in our Giving Garden.

I am just glad that we had good weather last Sunday for our Eucharistic Procession in the Neighborhood. Definitely, many more this year participated in the devotion, and we had a good crowd at the Burger and Hotdog Cookout. Thank you for your presence and participation. Thank you to the staff, the adult choir, and the knights for the help.

On the board in the Alcove are four sheets of paper, corresponding to the four invitations for celebrating the Eucharistic Revival on the Year of the Parish. After reading the playbook and discussing with your families, please share with us how you are responding to the invitations. We’d love to hear from you. Write down your responses on sheets of paper. Pray for the work of the Liturgy Committee and the Pastoral Council as we go over your suggestions.

Continue to reflect on how the Eucharist has made an impact on your lives. Share your stories as do these men and women through Iamhere.org. These are powerful stories that can inspire us in our own journey.

Also, check out the series on The Mass created by the Word on Fire Ministries.

Thank you to the generous responses to serve through the Pastoral Council, the Baptism Preparation Team, and the Parish Gardens.

Anyone who is interested to help with our Sunday Communion Service at Ontario County Jail, please see me after a daily Mass or Mass of the Lord’s Day.

Lastly, I so appreciate your response to our Stewardship Appeal last month. We continue to receive your appeal envelopes. Thank you.

See you in Church, People of God!

– Father Edison